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Dockyard Microgouges

All Dockyard tools have a cherry wood handle and are approximately 4 inches long with a hexagon design. The overall length of the tools is about 5½ inches. These tools are great for detail work. They also work well for all kinds of carving because of the small size and varied tool shapes. Plough tools are beveled on one side. Paring tools are beveled on both sides. These tools come sharpened and ready to use. 

All individual tools are shipped with a short piece of urethane tubing over the cutting end to protect the tool while shipping and until you decide how you will store these small tools.
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Tool holder, Canvas, Small, Single slot
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Part Number: 1601
Denim Tool holder for Dockyard Tools, 5 Pocket
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Part Number: 1658
Denim Tool holder for Dockyard Tools, 12 Pocket
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Part Number: 1275
Dockyard Gouge and V-Tool Strop
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Part Number: 494
Iron-on Labels for Dockyard Tool holders
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Part Number: 495