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New! Kutzall Carbide-Coated Hand Rasps 
Using Kutzall carbide tooth technology, easily tackle an assortment of materials where conventional rasps fail. Experience the many benefits of Kutzall today. 
- Long-lasting! Carbide coating outlasts standard rasps many times over. 
- Handy! Cut in any direction; great for confined spaces. 
- Versatile! Use on wood, fiberglass and other composites, pattern-making materials, rubber & polyurethane, sand cores, soft stone, masonite, and more. 
- Comfortable to use! Integral soft grip handle for ergonomic comfort. 
- Many applications! Wood carving, stone carving, remodeling, boat repair, pattern shops, foundries; opportunities are endless. 

Cleaning the rasps can be done by using a wire brush or using a torch to burn the wood out. Heat will not harm the teeth, although, it will melt the plastic handles on the rasps. You can also use a cleaning solvent such as oven cleaner. 

- Available in two different coating types: Kutzall Original, and Kutzall Grit. See below for descriptions. 
- Available in coarse and fine grades. 
- Available in 6 inch and 8 inch sizes. 
- Come in three popular shapes; Flat, Half-Round, and Warding. 

Kutzall Original or Kutzall Grit 
- Kutzall Original (SSG) files feature very sharp, uniform conical teeth. They are very free-cutting and remove most materials easily, even soft or deformable stuff. Best on wood, rubber and other elastomers, polymer foam, fiberglass, etc. 
- Kutzall Grit files utilize a coating of robust carbide grit particles. They are rugged and super wear-resistant. Best on materials like foundry sand, soft stone, high-fiber-density composites, etc. 

Flat Rasps are real time savers! They feature a broad, flat surface for quick leveling of large surfaces, or rounding over edges. 

Warding Rasps are masters of detail work. Their thinner profile and tapered-flat shape make them ideal for getting into tighter spaces, enlarging sharp-cornered openings, or producing finer detail. 

Half-Round Rasps are versatility specialists. With the combination of a rounded side for concave surfaces, edges and holes, and a flat side for quick leveling and rounding over, you will find this rasp will come through for you in just about any situation. 

Kutzall Hand Rasp Review by Woodcarving Illustrated: 
"Kutzall Grit Hand Rasps bring the convenience of power carving to hand carvers." Kutzall Hand Rasps are an essential tool for any carver. Whether you?re shaving material from intricate areas or hand carving free-form curves, Kutzall Hand Rasps will give you the precision you need to get the job done. What separates them from other hand rasps? The review of Kutzall Hand Rasps from Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine answers that question.