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Kolrosing Knife

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Kolrosing (coal-rose-ing) is the Scandinavian art form of creating fine line decoration on wood.  The design is cut into the wood with a special knife.  Once the pattern is complete, dry coffee is rubbed into the cuts.  The results are striking.  This art form can be easily combined with chip carving to produce some outstanding creations.  The knife is all you need (along with some very finely ground coffee) to get started. 

This knife is handmade by Del Stubs of Pinewood Forge.  Back in the 1990’s, Del was introduced to the craft and was quite taken with it.  So, Del worked with Judy Ritger from River Falls, Wisconsin, a master, award winning kolrosing and rosemaling artist, to design the kolrosing knife to her specifications.  Kolrosing, at that point was not very well known at that point, and since that time, they have worked diligently to promote the craft.  

Comes with a wood sheath which protects the blade.