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Sharpener, Diamond, Extra Fine, WAV-E

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DMT Diamond Sharpener WAV-E.  DMT has developed the first diamond sharpener to combine convex and concave abrasive surfaces.  The uniquely designed Diamond Wave affords longer sharpening strokes over traditional slip stones providing 0.0625 inch radii tapering TO 1.000 inch radii accommodating all curved gouges.  DMT offers the Diamond Wave in two diamond sizes: 600 grit / 25 micron or 1200 grit / 9 micron.  One tool can properly maintain a wide range of curved surface tools like in-channel and out-channel gouges, carving tools and wood turning tools.
WAV-E (Extra Fine Grit)
- Precisely Micronized Monocrystalline Diamond coating on steel substrate
- 0.0625 inch radii tapering to 1.000 inch radii
- Both convex and concave diamond surfaces on one sharpening tool
- Ten inch overall length
- No lubrication required for use
- Smooth and even stock removal with no errant deep scratches
- Durable abrasive surface will not chip crack hollow or groove
- Will not break if dropped
- Much faster than traditional conventional slip stones
- Easily sharpen a wide range of curved profiles
- A single sharpening tool for all your curved cutting edges
- Longer length than conventional traditional slip stones allows longer sharpening strokes
- Can be used dry or with your lubricant of choice
- Sharpen and refine to a razor edge