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Extend your crafting time by giving your eyes a little help. 
These lightweight magni-clips are magnifiers that clip onto the bridge of your glasses, they can be flipped up when not in use and put down over your glasses for close up work.  Convenient for carving, reading books, maps, menus and telephone books.
Each pair measures approximately 2-1/2 x 3-3/4 x 1/2 inches and comes with one soft-sided carry case.

If you do not know the magnification that you require we suggest trying out different reading glasses over your current glasses to find out the magnification that you require.

1328: 1.0X (+1.00)
1321: 1.5X (+1.50)
1322: 2.0X (+2.00)
1328: 2.5X (+2.50)
1323: 3.0X (+3.00)
1324: 3.5X (+3.50)
1325: 4.0X (+4.00)
1326: 5.0X (+5.00)